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Plants for Sale! 

We are a licensed nursery, open by appointment online. If you recently purchased plants or cuttings from us, here are some helpful growing tips and links to learn more!

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Arcadia Blueberry Plants


Blueberry plants like full sun, lots of mulch and regular water. Most important is the pH between 4.5 - 5.0 


When transplanting, in either a container or the ground, use a few bags of pine bark either to fill a large container, or dig a hole and fill with mulch. 


The roots like the loose mulch to develope strong roots. And pine helps to keep soil acidic. 

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Dragonfruit (Purple) 

Dragon fruit love to climb so planting your dragonfruit ensure you have a very strong trellis for support. 

To root a dragon fruit cutting, cut about 2 inches off the woody end (discard the small piece) and place in potting soil, not in direct sunlight. Water, but don't soak the dragonfruit cutting. 

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Moringa Oleifera Trees

Nature's multivitamin loves Florida weather! 

If you are planting from seed, find a sunny place with room for growth.  If pruned and cared for, these amazing tree can become large quickly. 

Soak your seeds for a least a few hours to help start the germination, then bury about 1/2 inch in soil. If you are transplanting, dig a hole and gently place your moringa sapling in the dirt and water in well.  

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Shampoo Ginger

The pods from this plant are great for skin and hair care! 


Easy to grow and loves the sandy Florida soil. 

You can leave in a container or plant in the ground, although unconstrained, the plant will spread quickly via rhizomes

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Malabar Spinach

Also known as a summer spinach vine.

This edible vine loves the heat, making it a great addition to a Florida garden.  

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